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U Spell It - Alphabet Letter Art
Photo Letter Art that Sells!

U Spell It was founded by Jamie and Daren Steuart in 2013 when Jamie decided to share her love of photography with others so they could create their own unique artwork using her photography.

In 2013, U Spell It began to retail its Letter Art in shopping malls in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. In 2014, U Spell It began exhibiting its artwork in local art and craft shows and then graduated to exhibiting at the largest, most prestigious events possible. In the same year U Spell It opened its first permanent retail store in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin - a top tourist destination for people from Chicago and Minneapolis. In 2015, U Spell It exhibited in art shows in the Mid-West going as far from its Madison, Wisconsin home as Arkansas, Nebraska, and Ohio. In 2016, U Spell It exhibited its artwork in 13 of the top 100 arts and crafts shows in the United States and expanded its geographic footprint into the Southeast.

Over the last four years we have discovered that although people like to create their own unique artwork, customers will often choose to purchase the samples they see at U Spell It's art and craft shows, mall locations, and store. In fact in 2016, U Spell It's samples accounted for over 50% of its sales. With that in mind U Spell It determined the best way to share its love of photography with others is to partner with gift shops, art galleries, home decor boutiques, and other retailers who provide unique gifts, home decor, and artwork for their customers.